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Wedding Programs: Behind the Scenes Printing

Last week, Print Services of Abbeville finished some wedding programs that were done per request for a turnaround of less than a week, but with a little bit of determination, the programs turned out fantastic! We printed the following on off-white linen paper stock:

The font Precious really caught my eye. If you are interested, you can download a free version here. Though we tend to stick to open type fonts, this true type font is gorgeous. The decorative swashes for capital letters are highly attractive. And the most important part was that the customer was pleased!

The decorative border was a gesture in keeping with an elegant theme. We screened the border elements behind the type at around 15% opacity.

Having a heavier linen card stock gave the programs an organic, tactile feel. This should allow the families and guests of the wedding to treasure the program for years to come. We hope this is something they'll be able to look at decades later and smile at the memory!

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